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  • She left her man at home She don't love him no more I want your mind and your body Don't mind nobody So as long you never hurt nobody Baby girl work your body Work your body
  • I had enough convo for 24 I peep'd you from across the room Pretty little body, dancing like GoGo, aye But you are unforgettable I need to get you alone Why not? A good time, never hurt nobody I got a little drink but it's not Bacardi
  • It's not good enough for me, since I been with you It's not gonna work for you, nobody can equal me I'm gonna sip on this drink, when I'm f**cked up I should know how to pick up I'm gonna catch the rhythm while she push up against me Oh, was she tipsy
  • I need your body in ways That you don't understand, but I'm losin' my patience 'Cause we've been goin' over and over again Girl, I just wanna take you home and get right to it Know I gotta kiss it, baby Give it to me, we can take it inside now

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